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I have been going to Hands Heart & Feet classes since moving to the mountains six years ago. I immediately felt part of this incredibly welcoming, joyous and supportive community. I find it’s been my medicine and an important part of my life. Now my daughter Sage, age 11, is also a budding and committed dancer; “I love it!!!!” she says.

Cat van Kemenade

Class participant

I love the overwhelming sense of involvement and non-judgemental connectedness in the Hands Heart & Feet classes - the age range in itself is interesting and unusual! I personally gain a genuine sense of unfettered joy, fun, and uninhibitedness. I spent my working life as an army officer, and the letting go and 'unregimentation' is hugely liberating for me!

Blue Phillips

Class participant

Dance and yoga with Emily are both mentally and physically loosening. In yoga, Emily offers a variety of practices so the class is both accessible and dynamic. My worries melt away and I leave feeling I have wiped the slate clean. In dance, Emily’s choreography combines different styles and traditions with respect and creative energy. Emily’s guidance has allowed me to feel confident, be non-judgmental and have fun!

Marylou Doherty

Class participant

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