Saturday 22nd June, 2024

The Winter Magic Festival
Saturday 22nd June, 2023
Various indoor venues in Katoomba

12pm: Hands Heart & Feet Performance at the amphitheatre at Blue Mountains Cultural Centre. 

Venue Note: Hands Heart & Feet will NOT be on the Carrington Driveway this year (where we often are). We will be right next door in the amphitheatre at Blue Mountains Cultural Centre: CLICK HERE for map. 

With over 100 drummers and dancers, this will be a spectacle of gorgeous community creativity, inclusion and fun.

Full Program @ Blue Mountains Cultural Centre:

10:30am: Welcome to Country Aunty Carol Cooper
10:45am: Wagana Dancers
11am: Caravan Belly Dancers
11:20am: Begeki & Co Dancers
11:30am: Counterpoint Xylophone Orchestra
12pm: Hands Heart & Feet Drum & Dance
12:45pm: Samba Ninja Drummers
1:20: Epizo Bangoura African Drum & Dance
1:40pm: Bearded Ladies Choir
2pm: Winter Solstice Ritual


Winter Magic Info:
Lots of other fantastic events and performances happening at this festival. For more info about the Winter Magic Festival :


Blue Mountains Cultural Centre, Katoomba
30 Parke Street, Katoomba


Closest carpark is the one under Coles Katoomba, entry from Park Street, Katoomba


Nearest Station:

Katoomba Station. The Carrington is an easy 5 minute walk from Katoomba Station.

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