First week of August, 2021

Drum & Dance Classes
In the Blue Mountains, NSW, Australia
New term starts 1st week of August, 2021

Thank you so much to everybody taking part in the current term's classes and events - particularly all the wonderful drummers and dancers that are planning to perform with Hands Heart & Feet at Winter Magic! ✨✨✨

Everybody attending Hands Heart & Feet classes is welcome to perform at Winter Magic, if they would like to. For more info, call or text Emily, or visit:

After Winter Magic, all Hands Heart & Feet classes will be on a break over July.

A new term of drum and dance classes in Springwood and Katoomba will begin the first week of August. 

Feel free to get in touch if you have any enquiries.  

who can do classes:

Hands Heart & Feet classes are open to all ages and levels of ability. If you're curious to come along, you would be most welcome!  


Do I need to book?:

Bookings are appreciated, but it's now okay to drop in to classes again.

The Covid-19 situation is currently such that we can have many more people in a class than previously.

Bookings aren't essential, but it is still helpful - so if you know you want to come, please just send me a text!  


How do I book?:

To book:
- email:
- or call / text Emily directly on: 0405 517 750


Yes! The covid situation is improving, so drop in attendance is now possible.

It's still helpful if you call or text me to let me know if you're planning to drop in, thanks. Emily: 0405 517 750

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