Saturday 27th August, 2022
Winter Magic
Saturday 27th August, 2022
Civic Place, Katoomba
The official Winter Magic Festival is officially back! And it's in AUGUST!

Hands Heart & Feet are delighted to be taking part in this fantastic local festival.

Hands Heart & Feet drummers and dancers will perform at 1pm on Saturday 27th August at the Katoomba Civic Place (that's outside the old library).

Free. Lots of other fantastic events and performances. More info coming soon.


Civic Place, Katoomba
(the courtyard outside the old library)


On street parking, as well as carparks behind the Main Street.


Nearest Station:

Katoomba Station. Civic place is an easy 5 minute walk from Katoomba Station.

More info coming soon:

Watch this space.

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