Hands Heart & Feet classes to go online

Beautiful friends, I hope this finds you well as we face some big changes and challenges.

What happens to community arts when the practice of community itself becomes a liability?

Well, it looks like we’re finding out.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, we are currently running all classes online. 

The aim is to make it engaging and easy to operate – as well as to offer something connecting and joyful in these times.


Winter Magic:
We are going to make our own digital Winter Magic:

– Learn all rhythms and / or dances in online classes over Zoom

– Make a wearable work of art costume at home (what a great self isolation project)

– At the end of term, film yourself in your costume at a fun location doing your rhythms or dances and send to us over WhatsApp

– We will put all the footage together and compile a gorgeous, digital Winter Magic 

Let’s find ways to create beauty and community even as we navigate the challenges that COVID-19 presents. 


To be a part of online classes or Winter Magic, please don’t hesitate to get in touch:

Email: info@handsheartfeet.com

Call / Text: 0405 517 759


I want to thank you in advance for adapting and supporting Hands Heart & Feet online. 

You’re awesome:

By you continuing to support Hands Heart & Feet in this time, you’re helping to ensure that there is a Hands Heart & Feet to return to when we come through this.

Thank you.  

Free mini dance Workshop:

In the meantime… here’s a FREE MINI DANCE WORKSHOP. A little gift from me to you. 

Enjoy: https://youtu.be/pOIDteVWdmo 

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