Saturday 23rd June, 2018

Winter Solstice
Saturday 23rd June, 2018

So you may have heard that the Winer Magic Festival has been postponed for 2018.

Yes, it’s true. However all hope is not lost… really!

The amazing folk at the Carrington Hotel are planning a celebration of the Winter Solstice at the hotel on Saturday the 23rd of June 2018.

Hands Heart and Feet have been invited to perform on the driveway at noon, in keeping with our long-standing tradition.

The Carrington Hotel will also still have the 6pm fireworks, their 2 Winter Solstice Balls, and lots of local entertainers performing throughout the day and night on the hotel grounds.

Winter Luminous will probably still go ahead. We are confirming the final details, but at this stage our evening of food, music, dance, story and deep soul nourishment WILL be on. We’ll keep you posted!

The Winter Magic Festival started off as a grass roots community creation and has grown over the years into something HUGE. Like all creative projects, and like life itself, there are cycles and seasons to everything. Sometimes we need to take a breath. There can be sadness in that, yes, but also potential for new generation and new ways.

So… is it possible for this amazing community to keep alive the spirit of our beautiful Winter Solstice Celebrations, while the devoted warriors of the Winter Magic committee take a breath and restructure things for a more sustainable future….???

YES!! Of course, it is.

Hands Heart & Feet are very much looking forward to making a new, creative magic for the Winter Solstice again this year.

As the committee has stated on the Winter Magic website: “It is our goal to come back with an event that truly celebrates the spirit of creativity and culture in the Blue Mountains.”

In the meantime, for more info about The Winter Magic Festival – or to volunteer and help the festival to continue running:

To see some footage of Hands Heart & Feet on the Carrington driveway at last year’s Winter Magic Festival:


On the Carrington Driveway, Katoomba Street.


Katoomba Station, which is right on Katoomba Street – an easy 2 min walk.


Dress up! Whether you’re performing on the day or spectating, this is an opportunity to embody your most wild, wonderful & expressive self.

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