thursday 12th december, 2019

Springwood Shopping Night
Thursday 12th December
Time: TBA

Event  Description

The streets of Springwood come alive with performances, stalls, special deals and demonstrations in the shops. It’s warm, it’s close to Christmas and it’s a great vibe.

This is a fun, local event that Hands Heart & Feet have participated in the last number of years.

Everyone attending Hands Heart & Feet classes is welcome to perform with us at this event. All preparation to be done in weekly classes.


Free of charge.  

LINKS and More Info: 

Save the date for now. Exact times and locations coming soon.


Springwood Shops, Macquarie Road, Springwood. Exact location: TBA.


Springwood Station. 
The station is located in the heart of Springwood Shops – it will take you right to the event!


On street parking is available, as well as parking behind the shops on both sides of the street. There is also a large parking facility at Springwood train station.

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