Saturday 9th March, 2019

International Women’s Day
Kindelhill, Wentworth Falls
Saturday 9th March, 2019
2pm – 6pm


This will be our third year co-hosting this beautiful Blue Mountains IWD Event – an inspirational afternoon of speakers, performances, food & activities celebrating International Women’s Day.

All funds raised are donated to our local Women’s Health and Resource Centre as well as to an overseas charity advocating women’s rights (this year’s charity TBC).

This event is open to ALL. We’d love to see you there.

More info coming soon. ✨


To see some images of last year’s IWD:

Kindlehill, Wentworth Falls

There is some on-street parking, and limited parking in the school car park. If both these options are full, it’s possible to park at Wentworth Falls Lake and walk to the school. The train station is also really close.



Wentworth Falls Station. Kindelhill is an easy 10min walk from the station.

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