We are a group of percussionists and dancers based in the Blue Mountains, Australia, who work with traditional West African music and dance. We hold regular classes, workshops and performances combining the the sacred and the humorous...

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It's been a wonderful final week of classes so far:

- thanks so much to everyone who came to our Guest African Drum & Dance Workshops with Yacou & Lucky on Tuesday night in Springwood (some pics & videos can be found on the Facebook Page). ;-)

- thanks also to all the lovely folk who came to Ecstatic Dance + Live Music Improv on Thursday night in Katoomba.

Our final class for this term will be Yoga Dance on Sunday, 11am-12:30pm at Murrungundie, Springwood. Love to see you there if you'd like to join us.

After that we'll be on a break for 4 weeks. First class back all be on Tuesday 25th October.

If you're curious to do some drumming & dancing in your break, check out Epizo's camp (as well as other fun stuff) on the link below...

Thanks so much to everyone who came to D'Yari on Saturday night. Such a fun event.

Check out this clip - free-styling at the end of evening:

Here's our fantastic Katoomba Dance class practicing for Winter Magic. How gorgeous & inspiring is that?! :-)

next event

Epizo Bangoura African Drum & Dance Camp

2nd-8th October

This camp is run by one of our most beloved teachers, the amazing Epizo Bangoura. 7 days of vibrant learning..

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Open Drum & Dance Class

Tuesdays and Thursdays

Anyone is welcome to attend an open drum and dance class at any time.

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